Dot-brands: a rights owner perspective

Most big companies are now aware of the new gTLD program, but what do they make of it, and what risks and opportunities exist with a dot-brand application?

Join our esteemed and varied panelists, including leading representatives from leading brand-management companies, a CEO of one company offering to help companies create their own dot-brands, and the lawyers who fought to get trademark rights properly acknowledge within the gTLD rules, as we dig into the topic and cover such issues as:

  • Is dot-brand an opportunity or just a problem to be dealt with?
  • Who in companies is deciding whether to get their own dot-brand?
  • What are the legal concerns and to what extent are they outweighed by the business and marketing opportunities?
  • What are the possible uses for a dot-brand?
  • Which companies do we know are going to apply and what do we know of their plans?
  • How should you budget for your own dot-brand?
  • And much, much more

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